The old site was based on WordPress. It was OK, but WordPress is 1,001 different components all cobbled together, and I find it a miracle that it works at all ;). When one thing breaks, it can bring down the whole site.
That happened. That was the start of the issues. I tried to restore the site off backup, only to find out the backups didn’t also record all the complex file permissions that are necessary. The restore didn’t work. Eventually, we got things back up and running…but the permissions were wrong in one folder, and the script kiddies found that and uploaded their shit to the site...

So, I’m done with WordPress! Time for a clean sheet, and a different approach.

What we have here is a return to simpler times. This site doesn’t need weekly maintenance, it doesn’t need constant upgrades to keep ahead of the latest exploit against the most popular CMS in the world, it uses (itself based on evernote). It just works, and is super easy to use. I love that.

Yes, it looks horrible at the moment. That’s because there is no proper layout at the moment, no styling, no CSS.
I’m currently working on all of this behind the scenes, so the site should look better as we move on.

As always, if you’re a fragLANder and fancy throwing up the odd post on here, get in touch!