Lunch time 1 v’s 1

Frag not one! frag em all!

Welcome to fragLANd


Frag or be fragged, sort out the keyboard polish off your mouse tweak that pc and adjust the chair, You just need your pulse rifle and shotgun and ready up, so get out there solder and show us what you got!

Yes we are back! on the web the new site is slowly being built and will be completed soon, just hold on as whiles Red and Blue fight out the Design of the site.


Save the weekend dates to come for the year.

Date's for the next event here.

How we can beat you up!

I  have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you! 

Check out the fragLANd Fackbook page for updates of events or check out the Games Stuff page for games listed to be played at the LAN.

Internet what's that!

Yeh! We have been coping without internet for this long and would like to get it or find a suitable location that does it. But we feel where it would add value to have the experience it will also take away some of the fun as you will be on the internet doing other things and not joining in as much.

But if you need internet you can buy a limited speed connection from the shop 256K Down and 128K suable for Surfing the net


Pay Your dues...

So we normally do pay on the day but it can get a bit much but if you wish to then it's £40 on the day all in, so we have decided to set-up shop this will allow you to book a non refundable guaranteed place at the LAN check out the link below and head over the shop to see the options you have for the day.